Obstetric Services

Your sole provider for Complete Obstetrical Care!

  • Preconception Planning:
    Fertility, risk reduction, supplements, medications, immunizations, lab work

  • Antepartum & Postpartum Care:
    Prenatal exam, risk assessment, lab work; postpartum exam and follow-up

  • High & Low Risk Pregnancies:
    Hypertension, diabetes, preterm delivery, advanced maternal age, depression/anxiety

  • Vaginal & Cesarean Deliveries:
    Spontaneous labor, labor induction, emergent or scheduled cesarean

  • Miscarriage & Ectopic Pregnancy:
    Pregnancy loss during all trimesters, emergent and non-emergent ectopic pregnancy

  • Postpartum Contraception & Mood:
    Sterilization, short/long-term contraception, with/without breastfeeding; depression/anxiety

  • Basic Ultrasound
    1st trimester, limited 2nd & 3rd trimester

Pregnancy FAQ

Medications in Pregnancy FAQ

Dr. Ha Believes...
that continuity of care results in higher quality of care. Continuity of care also results in better outcomes for you and your baby. Plus, it’s just more fun--she enjoys getting to know her patients well and being a consistent link during the course of pregnancy. Dr. Ha’s goal is to provide evidence-based health care, but realizes that’s not enough. Each person’s pregnancy is unique. An individualized approach is best achieved by a solo provider.

Dr. Ha’s Goal...
is for all her patients to have a healthy and natural pregnancy. Usually this means a vaginal delivery. If attempting a vaginal delivery is not the safest option, she will discuss a cesarean delivery with you. Sometimes, patients request a cesarean delivery instead of a vaginal delivery. Dr. Ha will consider these requests to make sure women are fully informed before proceeding. Otherwise, Dr. Ha believes in performing cesareans only when necessary, considering other possible options with you first. Likewise, Dr. Ha refrains from performing episiotomies, unless it improves safety of the delivery or decreases prolonged pain.