Financial & Insurance
Accepted Insurance
(not a complete list):
Blue Cross
United Health Care
Union plans
Medicaid (limited number)
Medicare (limited number)
Denali Kid Care (limited number)
BCHC (limited number)

*Sorry, no NEW Tricare patients
Required Insurance Information
  1. Insurance company
  2. Policy number
  3. Group number
  4. POLICY HOLDER’S name, birthdate, & address (ex: parent or spouse)
  5. Your relation to Policy Holder (ex: daughter, spouse, self)

NOTE: Office staff are not permitted to schedule appointments without COMPLETE insurance information.
State-Funded Coverage

Alaska Breast & Cervical Health Check (BCHC):

800.410.6266 Email:

BCHC provides breast and cervical health screening services to women who meet certain income guidelines, who do not have insurance, who cannot meet their insurance deductible, or whose insurance doesn’t pay for breast and cervical health screening services.

You’re eligible if your income is below program limits. Review our eligibility guidelines and then call 800.410.6266 to enroll if you want to get screened.

If you have insurance but can’t afford the deductible, BCHC can help pay that. Once your deductible is met, your insurance would be responsible for payment of services.


Alaska Medicaid & Denali Kid Care (Dept. of Public Assistance)

See if you are eligible: Medicaid Income and Eligibility standards

400 Gambell Street
Anchorage, AK 99501
907.269.6599 - Phone
907.269.6450 - Fax

1251 Muldoon Rd, #111B
Anchorage, AK 99504
907.269.0001 - Phone
907.269.0070 – Fax

ENROLLMENT: Month-To-Month

PREGNANCY EXEMPTION: If you are pregnant, this copay is waived. However, only you have the capacity to make sure the Public Assistance office has designated your coverage as CODE/STATUS #11. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the $3.00 copay at each OB visit. NOTE: STATE COVERAGE IS OFTEN MISCODED.

Self-Pay Policy

Before Your Visit:
  1. Place an initial DOWN PAYMENT.
    The amount depends on the estimated cost of your appointment and what you can afford. The final amount is upon approval by Dr. Ha.

  2. Sign a PAYMENT PLAN AGREEMENT (see below)
Payment Plan Agreement
Payment plans can be arranged for anyone who is not able to pay their complete account balance.
The specific amount and frequency of payment is determined by your account balance and what you can afford. Your commitment and reliability with the payment plan is often more important than how much you can pay. The final agreement is upon approval by Dr. Ha.

Payment Plan Options:

  1. CALL US: 907.519.6751. We can take your initial payment over the phone and set up recurring payments.
    We will fill out the PAYMENT PLAN FORM, but it will also require your SIGNATURE (we can mail it to you or you can come to the office).

  2. DOWNLOAD: PAYMENT PLAN FORM and complete with your signature. Mail or drop off the form with payment at the office.

  3. COME TO THE OFFICE: We will fill out the PAYMENT PLAN FORM with you, obtain your signature and payment.
Declined Payment Policy
$30.00 FEE: If your credit card payment is declined twice in a row (or often).
$30.00 FEE: If your check payment is declined.
If your account balance is in default, Dr. Ha may send it to a collection agency. The office makes several attempts to reach you by phone, mail, and emergency contact, before collections occurs.

IF YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT BALANCE PAST DUE, CONTACT US: we are willing to work with you to avoid collections. However, often we lose contact with you by changes in phone or address, which leaves us with no other alternative.