Appointment FAQ
How do I make an appointment?
When you call the office our staff will ask the following questions:
1. Are you a NEW or ESTABLISHED patient?
Note: If it’s been 3 YEARS or more since you have seen Dr. Ha, you will be seen as a NEW patient.

2. What is your INSURANCE information? (see Accepted Insurance, Self Pay Policy)
PLEASE HAVE YOUR INSURANCE CARD READY. Otherwise, you will need to call back to schedule your appointment.

What do I need to make an appointment?
  1. Insurance company
  2. Policy number
  3. Group number
  4. POLICY HOLDER’S name, birthdate, & address (ex: parent or spouse)
  5. Your relation to Policy Holder (ex: daughter, spouse, self)

NOTE: Office staff are not permitted to schedule appointments without COMPLETE insurance information.

What type of appointment do I need?
  • ANNUAL – YEARLY Preventive Care.
    These address MINOR problems/concerns. Complete physical, including Breast/Pelvic exam and Pap smear if needed. Mammogram & Bone Density orders. Colonoscopy referral. Screening blood work, STD/STI testing. Contraception counseling, Pregnancy planning, Menstrual management, Hormone therapy.

    Insurance usually allows one yearly ANNUAL (above) for your preventive care. VISITS/TESTS focused on contraception or screening for infection (STD/STI), MAY/MAY NOT be considered “preventive” by your insurance, even though Dr. Ha will code your visit as “preventive” (see below).

    Symptoms/concerns that involve in-depth discussion, testing, orders, referrals, and/or review of outside records (see Medical Records Release Form). Typically this also includes consults for birth control and screening for sexually transmitted infections, even though often considered “preventive” care (see above).

What should I expect at my obstetrics appointments?
Please see our Pregnancy FAQ page.
How can you utilize the patient portal?
  • Message our doctors and office staff with any questions or concerns you may have
  • View your lab results and medical records
  • Print your lab reports
  • Enter insurance, medications, and more
  • Request a prescription refill